The Opening of Boost Trampoline Park

Most of the videos that we produce for the parks that we build contain high energy music and a lot of action.  This one is a little different... more like the closing segment of a documentary. It was created by Al Moses who is the head of our Marketing Department at Fun Spot Manufacturing. He told me that I was mentioned as being the first person to speak with them and to help them through the initial stages of their project. Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut, so you won't see that in the video. However, you will hear my name mentioned one time by Josh's wife, Amber...

It Took A Miracle

I met John Gage when he became the Orchestra Director while I was a member at First Baptist Church of Atlanta and playing trumpet with the orchestra there.  At the time, the church had grown to over 10,000 members and the ability to speak with Charles F Stanley was not much of an option. John was not only the director of the orchestra but became my pastor and friend.  He knew me well and helped me through some difficult times in my life. Even when he was called to move to Bakersfield, CA, we stayed in touch.