Most of the videos that we produce for the parks that we build contain high energy music and a lot of action.  This one is a little different... more like the closing segment of a documentary. It was created by Al Moses who is the head of our Marketing Department at Fun Spot Manufacturing. He told me that I was mentioned as being the first person to speak with them and to help them through the initial stages of their project. Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut, so you won't see that in the video. However, you will hear my name mentioned one time by Josh's wife, Amber... and that happens while Josh is talking. 

That's basically what I do. I am an Adventure Park Consultant that helps people that are investigating what it takes to build a park and to provide the answers on how to move forward in the process. I also host online sessions with them to consider the activities that they want for their park and then determine the equipment required with cost, the space that will be needed as well as the building size, and the capacity of guests allowed.