Posted by Rick Hampton On Jan - 13 - 2014

Have you ever done a Google search on glutathione?  There is an enormous amount of information out there about glutathione and there is a good reason as to why it is being studied so heavily.  They have basically proven that people with all types of diseases have low levels of glutathione.   Here is Suzanne Somers talking about Glutathione Patches and cancer. Some say that glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. Many reports will say that  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Dec - 19 - 2013
LifeWave Matrix 2

I have been doing some reviews on new business opportunities for the last couple of months, trying to see if there is anything new under the sun, or if it’s all just the same ole stuff.  I have been looking at businesses, products, compensation plans, and all kinds of opportunities to see what is out there that’s… different… something that I could really get excited about… something that was going to last.  I was getting tired from all  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Nov - 19 - 2013

  New company in the Health and Wellness (or should I say the Health and Wealth)  field.  For those people who like ground floor opportunities…  it’s almost like Obamacare.  It’s so new that they can’t give you the details until you enroll.  However, since they’re in PreLaunch, there is no charge to get a position.

Posted by Rick Hampton On Nov - 12 - 2013
Pay It Forward

Have you ever seen the movie Pay It Forward?  Is it too good to be possible? Personally, I like the idea, but whether or not you can locate three other people that would join me in such a program… well, that’s the question!  If I paid your way into the program would you pay for three others?  Take a look at the video below and leave a comment…       If you agree to  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Oct - 26 - 2013
A Pay It Forward Leadership Training Exercise

Do you think you could give away a FREE program to 10 people in a week’s time? How about if you could get a bonus of $100?… How about $200?… Ok, how about $300 and if you can’t do it in a week, let’s extend it to a month! Could you do it? Could anyone NOT do it? It costs you nothing to join. It costs your friends nothing to join. You get $300 and  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Oct - 13 - 2013

I once had a good friend that always contacted me first when he got involved with a network marketing company.  Back then, we had to build our own marketing websites because most of what was being offered by the companies was not as good as what we could put together ourselves.  We probably participated in ten different companies from telecom to golf to health and wellness.  Things happened, as they often do, and I lost  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Aug - 22 - 2013
Penny Matrix

How many times have you heard… This is a Ground Floor Opportunity!  I’m close to the top.   Just get in.  There’s going to be massive spillover and we’re all going to get rich.  Usually, that’s code for “This guy is really gullible to think that I’m going to drink his cool-aide.  We should now de-friend him on Facebook and run in the other direction.”  Yes, that would be my normal reaction because I’ve heard  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Jul - 4 - 2013
Peter Greenlaw On Product B

As I read more and more publications about telomeres and telomerase, I am overwhelmed by the future possibilities of age reversal.  They have already proved that it could be done using chemical solutions with mice.  Now they are getting similar results in the lab with herbs and plant compounds.   I sent out a survey and was amazed with the responses that I have received about the possibilities of living healthier and living longer.  I thought  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Jun - 19 - 2013
Addressing Negativity

I just read an online article by someone that completely trashed the clinical study of the Isagenix System and basically wrote it off because Isagenix is a network marketing company.  Others commented that if you look at the income claims that only a few people are making money with Isagenix and that it’s all a big scam. So how do I deal with the people that are talking trash about Isagenix?  The first thing that  [ Read More ]

Posted by Rick Hampton On Jun - 11 - 2013

What makes a leader? What does it require? Can just anyone become a leader? These are the questions that I ask myself in becoming a leader with Isagenix. When I look at the top leaders in Isagenix, I see people in their twenties (such as Sean Escobar – the youngest Isagenix millionaire) to age eighty (such as Jimmy Smith – the number one money earner in Isagenix)… which means that age doesn’t seem to matter.  [ Read More ]