I met John Gage when he became the Orchestra Director while I was a member at First Baptist Church of Atlanta and playing trumpet with the orchestra there.  At the time, the church had grown to over 10,000 members and the ability to speak with Charles F Stanley was not much of an option. John was not only the director of the orchestra but became my pastor and friend.  He knew me well and helped me through some difficult times in my life. Even when he was called to move to Bakersfield, CA, we stayed in touch.  We worked on several projects together over the years and have remained the best of friends.

John was a tremendous trumpet player and I always loved to hear him play.  When in college, he did a tour with Roy Clark, a great performer who many know from the TV Show "Hee Haw".  While at First Baptist Atlanta, he played at many of the "In Touch Rallies" traveling with Dr. Charles F Stanley when he would preach in other cities.  Some of the solos that he had performed were recorded and only recently discovered when someone sent him the recordings that were made from those events.

After hearing the recordings, John decided to have them remastered (and with a few additional recordings), he turned them into a CD. John is now retired and enjoying the company of his wife Ruth, his children and grandchildren.  He is also writing devotionals and Sunday School lessons on his website at www.JohnGGage.com.

Unfortunately, John is no longer able to play, so it warms my heart to hear his new CD "It Took A Miracle" and to share it with my friends. Please check out his website, where you can also order a copy of his CD.  I highly recommend it!