My Favorite Ministries

I am a Reformed Baptist and these are some of my favorite ministers and their ministries: 

  • My favorite preacher is John A. MacArthur with Grace To You.  I have a John MacArthur Study Bible in the ESV and in the NASB, and I also own many of his books and commentaries. I enjoy listening to the preaching of Phil Johnson who is with Grace To You as well. You can find them at   
  • When I first started to listen to James White with Alpha & Omega Ministries in Phoenix, AZ, I did not understand half of what he had to say.  I had read the Bible for many years, but I had never considered a systematic theology.  I decided to listen to the bi-weekly broadcasts and for over four years, I never missed a single podcast.  All of the scriptures started to fit together.  You can find him at  
  • Todd Friel is with Wretched Radio / Wretched TV  and can be found at  I actually started listening to Todd when he was working with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and hosting Way of the Master Radio.  Todd then moved to Atlanta, GA and began Wretched Radio.  While listening to Todd, I was introduced to James White and re-introduced to John MacArthur.  I also learned about Reformed Theology and what a new testament church is supposed to look like.

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